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Mecomb Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Contact: Shankaralingam Satgunalingam


Title: Acting General Manager   


Primary Phone Number: 60-3-7874 3422                                 


Fax Number: 60-3-7625 0868    


General Email:      


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Lot 20, Jalan 225               

46100 Petaling Jaya        

Selangor, Malaysia


Mecomb Malaysia

Founded as Mechanical and Combustion Engineering Co Ltd in 1953, Mecomb Malaysia is involved in system integration and sales of a wide range of engineering products and services.

Our focus is to be a solution provider of choice for color measurement, environment controls, life science, building Mechanical and Electrical services and facilities automation.

At Mecomb, we have an entrepreneurial attitude and an open mind. We focus on the client’s business needs. Our vision is to deliver innovative and sustainable engineering solutions



Hunterlab telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1952 dengan industri pembuatan spektrofotometer warna bagi tujuan kajian dan pengukuran kualiti. Hunter Colormeters berkeupayaan mengukur warna pantulan (reflected) dan pancaran (transmitted) selaras memberi implikasi pengukuran warna dalam perspektif pandangan mata. Sistem pengukuran warna ini telah digunakan secara meluas di dalam pelbagai industri seperti bahan binaan, bahan kimia, makanan, cat, kertas, farmaseutikal, plastik, tekstil dan sebagainya. Hunterlab adalah sebuah syarikat milikan-pekerja yang diiktiraf ISO 9001:2008 sebagai pakar dalam bidang warna.


HunterLab was founded in 1952 and manufacturers a full range of color measurement spectrophotometers that are used for research and quality control applications. Hunter color meters measure both reflected and transmitted color and quantify how color appears to the human eye. Their color measurement systems are used in a wide variety of industries including building materials, chemical, food, paint, paper, pharmaceutical, plastic, textile and many others. HunterLab is an employee-owned, ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is expert in colorimetry.